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YWCA Central Alabama is a social justice organization.

We strive toward a world where all women and girls are safe and free, where voices of the disenfranchised are uplifted and heard, where barriers to access, participation and success of those historically excluded are removed. That vision ignites our collective imagination and guides our organizational practice. At YWCA Central Alabama, we engage in explicit racial justice and social justice work to elevate our mission. In fact, social justice is foundational to the work we do. Built upon that foundation are three pillars representing YWCA Central Alabama’s focus areas: (1.) community housing (2.) child development and (3.) domestic violence services.


YWCA Central Alabama uses its commit, communicate, educate and advocate framework to engage in social and racial justice issues in ways that drive real change in our focus areas. We are Alabama’s only YWCA working throughout the state, but our work is primarily in Blount, Jefferson and St. Clair counties.

Because social inequalities are intrinsically entwined, YWCA Central Alabama expends a great deal of energy at the intersections of race, gender, and class. Our work extends to youth – particularly those in the YWoodlawn community – because the impact of racism begins early. Our work permeates outward and inward as we examine what it truly means to be an anti-racist organization.

Our goal is a just society in which women can enjoy equal pay and economic empowerment, people of color no longer must endure systemic racism, survivors of domestic violence can confidently face legal proceedings, and children can start strong in an academic program that educates the whole child. 

Our vision is to create a more caring community. Social justice and racial justice are the tools we use to get there. We won’t stop until justice, just is.