YWe Talk | YWe Vote: The Power of Participation

September 29, 2022

12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

YWCA Central Alabama’s YWe Talk series focuses on inspiring conversations that center on eliminating racism and empowering women.

Since Alabama became the nation’s 22nd state in 1819, it has had a complex relationship with civic participation. The effort to gain and protect the voice of citizens has long been a part of the fabric of our state, which has only benefited from engaging all citizens. In order to cultivate a more civic-minded community, we must first understand the history and process of elections. Only then can we appreciate the importance of our voice and using that voice to build a more inclusive democracy.

Join YWCA Central Alabama on September 29 at noon as we discuss YWe Vote: The Power of Participation.


Meet the Panelists

Dr. Doretha Walker

Dr. Walker received her Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University. She received her Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Ball State University while on active duty in the US Army and her Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education from the University of Alabama.

She has held leadership roles in the Army, transportation, the nonprofit arena, chemical manufacturing, airport security, and higher education. She collaborates with others in research focused on the impostor phenomenon, social justice in research and within the Institutional Review Board process as well as the effects of yoga on students.

Jessica Fortune Barker

Barker is a native Alabamian born with a passion to serve. She confidently walks in her calling this season to transform minds by touching hearts. Barker serves her community by providing innovative solutions to alleviate and/or eradicate the issues plaguing her community.

She currently serves as Director of AL Association for the Arts, a non-profit organization serving to transform communities through the arts, culture, and creative mind. Barker believes that vision creates the road map to achievement…once one can see it, all that is left is the work to achieve it!

Dori Miles

Miles is a licensed attorney in California where she practiced civil rights, education and labor law for many years. In 2019, she moved to Birmingham and has been volunteering with Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM) as a voting rights restoration specialist.

Miles is on the leadership team and Advisory Board for Return My Vote, Alabama’s first virtual voting rights restoration clinic. RMV is a partnership between GBM and the University of Alabama.

Evan Milligan

After spending over 20 years serving Black communities and pro-democracy efforts throughout Alabama and the Deep South, Milligan now serves as executive director of Alabama Forward. Launched in 2020, Alabama Forward is a statewide civic engagement table advancing efforts of nonpartisan organizations throughout Alabama to greatly expand the voter base, protect voting rights, and make election systems as accessible as possible.

Milligan also directs Alabama Forward Action, a network of 501-C-4 advocacy groups based in Alabama that works to support pro-democracy policies and candidates. Milligan and his wife Jennifer have two children Ruby (5) and Elijah (2).


About the Series

The YWe Talk Series provides a platform and communal space of exchange to discuss important topics and issues facing women, children, and communities of color. We take a seat in the chair next to influential and motivational speakers who inform the community as we amplify voices that are often unheard.

Through dialogue and healthy conversation, YWCA Central Alabama is able to build bridges in spaces of indifference, as well as share in the lived experiences of women and men in Central Alabama.

YWCA Central Alabama commits, communicates, educates, and advocates every day to further our mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

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Join YWCA Central Alabama September 29 at noon as we discuss YWe Vote: The Power of Participation


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