Mission in Action

YWCA is on a mission. That takes teamwork.

Why give to YWCA Central Alabama? YWCA Central Alabama partners with the people we serve to break generational cycles of poverty, systemic racism and violence. We embrace service participants with reassuring programs that support their journey forward. We advocate for them holistically. We empower them to navigate systems in their lives. 

Each year, thousands call our 24-hour crisis line and participate in our educational and awareness trainings. For thousands of nights, we provide shelter and housing. On school days, we provide high quality early education to more than 100 children. 

YWCA Central Alabama also enlists hundreds of volunteers and donors every year to support us with their time, talent and resources. Together, we fight against racism, uplift women, promote peace and restore dignity. We stand up, speak out and get out the vote. We strengthen families and improve our communities. 

We change lives.