Gift to YW Children Makes Horsing Around Fun

More than 100 years ago, a champion stallion named Shamrock was the pride of the Wells Fargo wagon team. Today, a stuffed plush version of the horse is the pride and joy of the girls and boys in the YWCA Central Alabama’s child development program.
Paula Beck and Chris Gargala from Wells Fargo stopped by recently to present each one of our children with a stuffed pony that represents a bit of history. Since 2003, the company has produced the ponies in honor of the thousands of horses that made up the company’s Pony Express or pulled the Wells Fargo stagecoach. Shamrock was part of the St. Louis, Missouri team and helped deliver packages that arrived by train.
The children were oblivious to the role that Shamrock played – they just enjoyed playing with him. The indoor play area at the YW was filled with laughter as the children ran around and made their new friend gallop.
“It was such a fun morning, and the children were so excited when they learned they could take their ponies home,” said Yolanda Sullivan, CEO. “We are so grateful to our friends at Wells Fargo for thinking of our girls and boys and for all they do to benefit the women, children and families we serve.”
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Gift to YW Children Makes Horsing Around Fun