Helping Make Voices Heard

Midterm elections are upon us, and while they may not seem as glamorous as presidential elections, they are still crucial. The YWCA Central Alabama is committed to encouraging increased voter participation and active citizenship, especially among new voters and those with a history of low participation. Almost half of the citizens eligible to vote for the November 4 elections are young adults ages 18-29, new citizens, women, people of color and individuals with low income – precisely those we serve through our domestic violence, affordable housing, child development and social justice programs.
That is why the YWCA USA, along with 50 YWCAs across the country, is teaming up with Nonprofit Vote to help eligible voters register or update their information to reflect name or address changes. Those who qualify can come to the YWCA Central Alabama’s downtown location (309 23rd Street North, Birmingham, AL 35203) and register any weekday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. between now and October 20. Registrants will receive information about their polling place and their respective candidates so they can make an informed vote.
To see our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women brought to life, we hope to help underrepresented populations participate in national and local politics. “Being able to take an active role in government is empowering for our clients,” Holley Jackson, social justice coordinator, said. “Registering and voting is easy, free and the best way to make our voices heard.”
Not sure what makes an individual eligible to vote in the state of Alabama? Here are some simple guidelines:
•Must be a U.S. citizen
•Must be 18 or older
•Must present a form of photo identification
For more information on registering to vote or updating your information, email Holley Jackson at
If you would like to get involved or donate to our services, please click here.

Helping Make Voices Heard