One-Year Commemoration of George Floyd’s Death

Today marks one year since George Floyd’s life was tragically and brutally taken. Since May 25, 2020, a racial reckoning began to take place in America and strides have been made. Police accountability bills have been introduced in Congress. Americans began discussing what defunding law enforcement actually means. Corporations started recognizing Juneteenth. Organizations and individuals have become aware of racial injustice issues and have become activated to create change and take action against racism.
To keep the movement and momentum going, all Americans must continue to stand together and see each other as human beings. Our democracy requires nothing less from each of us as we continue our pursuit of civil rights, equity, and a world where justice just is.
Actions you can take to join YWCA in the call for justice include:
– Visit the YWCA Action Center to join our call for immediate Congressional action to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act
– Participate in the George Floyd “Day of Enlightenment,” which will commemorate May 25 as the day the world came together for a common purpose and opened its eyes to the plight of Black Americans.
– And lastly, utilize our Racial Reckoning: A Healing Toolkit to practice thinking deeply and intentionally about how to care for one another and center healing practices during this time of reflection on the past year.
Join us on our social media channels today (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and share with us how George Floyd’s story has changed you and how are currently or plan to join in the call for justice.

One-Year Commemoration of George Floyd’s Death