YWCA Central Alabama AmeriCorps Awarded National Leadership Honor

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America’s Service Commission (ASC) recognized YWCA Central Alabama’s “Building Communities, Bettering Lives” (BCBL) AmeriCorps program as the 2018 Outstanding Service Program. This award was given as part of ASC’s Innovation and Leadership Awards, an annual program held in the Washington, DC area to recognize the leadership and accomplishments of state service commission staff, commissioners, and service programs throughout the United States and its territories.
ASC acknowledged the BCBL AmeriCorps program as an important intermediary for over a dozen agencies and nonprofits that depend on the service of AmeriCorps members, but could not manage an AmeriCorps program on their own. BCBL AmeriCorps staff members were also acknowledged with this award for their reputation in training other new and existing programs on best practices in program management, race and diversity, media relations, AmeriCorps branding, recruitment and retention and member management.
2018 ASC Innovation & Leadership Award Recipients include:
Outstanding Service Program: YWCA of Central Alabama AmeriCorps (Alabama)
Friend of America’s Service Commissions: Senator Roy Blunt (Missouri)
State Service Leadership Award: Governor John Hickenlooper (Colorado)
Outstanding Commissioner: Kate Kelly (Minnesota)
Outstanding Commission Executive Director: Scott McFarland (Illinois)
Outstanding Commission Staff: Caitlin Brooking (Mississippi)
Outstanding Commission Staff: Ia Moua (California)
ASC is a nonprofit organization representing and promoting the 52 state service commissions across the United States and its territories. State service commissions are a network of governor-appointed public agencies or nonprofit organizations leading the nation’s service movement and administrating 80 percent of the federal AmeriCorps funds to address pressing community needs.

YWCA Central Alabama AmeriCorps Awarded National Leadership Honor