YWCA Youth Receive Summer Camp Scholarships

Resolute Running is hosting a summer youth camp, and thanks to the thoughtfulness of staff members, two lucky girls from YWoodlawn have been provided with scholarships to attend two sessions each.

The camps, led by Joy Braun-Gonzalez and Ann Cade Thomas, will focus on teaching kids how to have fun being active, enjoy overall fitness, train to be a runner and much more! Children will range in age from 8 – 13 years old and sessions will be held in June and July. 

“I was so impressed by the young men that spoke at the Purse & Passion Luncheon about their experience with the Woodlawn Summer CREW program that I got together with Alex Morrow, the owner of Resolute Running, and Joy Gonzalez, Director of Summer Youth Programs, and we decided to offer scholarships to some of the YWCA’s youth for our summer camps,” said Ann Cade Thomas, Assistant Run Coach.
The two lucky girls, twins Makiaha and Mackenzie, were chosen by Marie King, Family Resource Center Coordinator. The pair have participated in Girls On The Run, Kids in the Kitchen, ArtReach and other programs offered at the Family Resource Center (FRC).

Earlier this year, the FRC started introducing the kids to healthy snacks options and the twins showed major interest in wanting to eat healthy and stay active. They have run three 5K’s with Girls On The Run and participated in the Soccer and Volleyball Clinic.

“I chose the twins because I know what their health goals are, and I would like for them to be exposed to a new way of doing things. As adults it is easy for us to search for programs to help us get healthy and kids should have the same opportunity.” said King.

Resolute Running is an opportunity for parents to send their children to a summer youth program that focuses on the fundamentals of track and field and cross-country running. The program is designed to help young athletes improve conditioning, cardiovascular fitness, health education, fitness knowledge, track instruction and racing strategy.

Resolute Running is a new fitness training facility in Homewood. The facility is a training facility for runners, designed, managed and staffed by runners. It is a concept that is new to Birmingham, but that is already receiving rave reviews. To find out more information about the Resolute Running Youth Camps, visit their website at www.resoluterunning.com.

Since 1903, the YWCA Central Alabama has planted seeds of hope – providing comfort where there is pain, love where there is loneliness and a light where there is darkness. Striving to create a more caring community, the YW continues to serve as a place of refuge, responding to the needs of women and their families providing them with hope and a new beginning in a warm, family-like environment.

The YWCA would like to extend our thanks to Morrow, Gonzalez and Thomas of Resolute Running for this new partnership that will benefit the women, children and families that we serve. To learn more about the YWCA or if you are interested in donating please click here.

YWCA Youth Receive Summer Camp Scholarships