YWe Talk: Empowering Women of Color in the Workplace

(YWe Talk Orange Chair Series Webinar Sponsored by Alabama Power)
In the shadow of the pandemic nightmare, another scary story began to unfold. The “she-cession” saw nearly 3 million American women – the majority of job loss in 2020 – leave the workforce. In December, the rates of long-term unemployment for Asian women, Black women and Latinas hovered around 40%. Now, Empowering Women of Color in the Workplace comes into focus as women attempt to reenter the job market and as those who remained employed struggle with long-existing inequities.
This issue raises questions. Are there gender and racial biases that exist as norms in your corporate culture? Can employers support women in ways that uplift them, so they can elevate under their own power? Is it enough to hire women of color in acceptable numbers? Does meaningful empowerment lie in giving women of color a seat at the decision-making table, actively listening to their perspectives and positioning them for growth and leadership? Let’s discuss it. This is YWe Talk!

YWe Talk: Empowering Women of Color in the Workplace