YWCA Domestic Violence Services hosted a webinar talking about Title IX. Dr. Katie McIntyre, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Birmingham-Southern College, and DeShunn Wilkerson, YWCA Domestic Violence Outreach & Prevention Specialist, broke down what you need to know about Title IX and the new changes and updates to the law. You can watch the replay of the webinar on our Facebook page.

During this discussion, Dr. McIntyre referenced several resources. We have included a rundown of these resources for you to quickly reference. You can also download the full list of resources here.


New Rules

  • Dismiss complaints removed from campus control (if incident occurred off campus the school does not need to act)
  • Allow live cross-examination
  • Removed 60-day requirement for investigation
  • Changed definition to only instances that are severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive
  • Informal resolutions available for any offense
  • Religiously-affiliated institutions can claim exemption


  • 19% of women will be sexually assaulted during college
  • 5-6% of men will experience sexual assault during college
  • 90% of campus sexual assaults committed by someone the survivor knows
  • 90% of campus sexual assaults occur while the perpetrator or survivor is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • Majority of undetected college rapists are likely serial perpetrators – committing an average of six rapes each

Options for Survivors

  • Don’t report – survivor receives no formal support
  • Report – survivor can receive support measures from college and will have a support network
  • Issue formal complaint – an investigation will occur and there will either be an informal resolution or a Title IX hearing

College Campus Resources

Title IX Coordinators in Alabama*

*This is not a comprehensive list of all colleges or coordinators in the state of Alabama

Non-Title IX Officers on Campuses

  • Campus police – note, not all campus police have jurisdiction
  • Counseling centers and chaplains – these individuals are confidential and can walk you or your child through the reporting process but cannot report on your/their behalf
  • College faculty or staff – try talking to someone you/they feel connected to, examples: professor, coaches or coaching staff, student development, RAs, theater director, etc.

Off Campus Resources in Birmingham

  • The Crisis Center | website | crisis line 205-323-7777 | rape response/SANE 205-323-7273
  • One Place | website | 205-453-7261
  • YWCA Central Alabama | 24-7 crisis line 205-322-4878 (HURT)

Additional Resources Mentioned

Title IX is a federal law that serves as a powerful tool for combating campus violence. The law requires colleges receiving federal funding to combat gender-based violence and harassment, and respond to survivors’ needs in order to ensure that all students have equal access to education.

Dr. Katie McIntyre is a trained medical sociologist and has more than a decade of experience in research, education and project management. Throughout her academic career, she has been involved in education and policy changes in regard to Title IX.

Title IX webinar recap and resources